Most states require secondary students to pass standardized assessments in English language arts and math. Teachers are instrumental in their students’ success in standardized testing situations. It is the responsibility of teachers to properly prepare students and the testing environment before tests are administered. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze standardized testing to improve student performance and confidence.

Research a state standardized assessment for secondary students. Create a 10-12 slide digital presentation for new teachers explaining required assessments in your state, including the following:

Describe the universal testing conditions required or allowed.

Explain the accommodations permitted and how you will implement the accommodations to meet the needs of students with IEP’s and 504’s, and English language learners.

Explain how to prepare the classroom to maximize student confidence and success.

Locate sample or practice tests and explain how they could be implemented in a classroom. (Include links and resources.)

Provide 2-3 examples of instructional activities to prepare students for testing based on their intellectual, social, and emotional developmental needs.

Describe how student interest and prior knowledge will be utilized in preparing students for testing.

Identify challenges that can be anticipated in testing preparation and implementation. How would you prepare for the unexpected?

Title slide, reference slide, and presenter notes.

Support your work with 2-3 credible resources.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.