Length: Minimum of 600 words , 5 paragraphs MLA FORMAT

Instructions: For this essay, you are to write on a person or place located within your  community that you think would interest students at Hinds. This person or place should be in the area you live. This should be the kind of essay that you could submit to the local newspaper, which frequently features articles profiling a person or place. Your subject has to be a person or place with which you are unfamiliar , such that you  will have to complete one or more interviews and close observations to get interesting information on the  person. You CANNOT WRITE YOUR PROFILE ESSAY ON A FAMILY MEMBER . Your writing task will be to get that information and then put it together in such a way that other students will be interested in reading your Profile. Your readers will want to get specific information and also be able to picture the person you are writing about. Your essay should tell your readers the kinds of things they don’t know or haven’t realized about your subject before as well as why your subject is unique. Be creative and think of a person that would make for a good story.Form: Use MLA format