For each of the assignments in the course, you will be grouped in 2-3 (depending on class size). Each member will have a specific role as follows:

  • Member 1: fact finding/data collection
  • Member 2: analysis/collecting key points
  • Member 3: write/presentation and /document the milestones
  • Each week you will switch roles so each member takes on all roles, at least twice, by the end of the course.

In the Module 3 assignment you created:

  1. Enterprise (network and system) architectures
  2. Application architectures

Assignment #3 included the following components:

  • Scope
  • Formal Strategic Plan
  • Requirements Specifications
  • System Boundaries
  • System Constraints
  • Security
  • Development and Release Process (applicable only to Application Architecture)

Assignment Instructions:For Module 4 assignment, you will create a logical architecture using the SABSA framework. You must complete the following:

  1. Review your business scenario in detail.
  2. In particular, review the following: existing security infrastructure, security components, controls, policies, security organization etc. Also, review the following:

    • What “raw materials” for security planning are needed?
    • What documentation is needed to create a security plan?
    • What architectural tools can be used (Visio, for example) to document security design?
    • What exists already in the organization (your current scenario) that you can incorporate into your plans and otherwise draw from
    • What resources are available to you and when as a designer?
  3. Your report must include the following:

    • Business Information Model (showing all functions of Information System)
    • Security Policy statements (for example, policy statement about data exfiltration)
    • Proposed Security Services (for example, SSO, MFA etc.)
    • Entity schema and privilege profile (user classification, access type, groups etc.)
    • Security domain definitions and associations (trusted domain, DMZ, front-ending web clients etc.)
    • Security processing cycle (renew password, update firewall, update OS, – match security policy with security processing cycle)

Submit the assignment in one Word document, including a cover/title page, and reference page, and review the rubric to ensure you are meeting all requirements. Only onestudent per group will submit the assignment within Blackboard.