Elder Care Settings( Multigenerational Homes)For this writing exercise you will be assigned to research and write about one of four types of eldercare environments/delivery models. You will need to write a two to four page (double spaced) paper about the characteristics and possible advantages and disadvantages of this model/environment of care. Be sure to include current research data related to costs, accessibility, regulatory standards (when applicable), and outcomes. Of course we know that not every family is able to care for an elderly loved one at home, nor is every elder needing care going to benefit from a skilled nursing facility. Identify the dependent variables that that you think should be considered when arranging for the care of an elderly loved one

Elder Care Settings( Multigenerational Homes) For this writing exercise you will be assigned to research and write about one of four types of eldercare environments/delivery models. You will need to
Poor 15 pts Fair 30 pts Good 40 pts Excellent 50 pts Content & Development Poor – Content is incomplete.- Major points are not clear and /or persuasive. Fair – Content is not comprehensive and /or persuasive.- Major points are addressed, but not well supported. – Research is inadequate or does not address the course concepts of the paper- Content is inconsistent with regard to purpose and clarity of thought. Good – Content is comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive- Major points are stated clearly and are well supported- Research is adequate, timely and addresses course concepts of the paper- Content and purpose of the writing are clear. Excellent Content is thorough, accurate, persuasive and relates to a specific purpose- Major points are specific, stated clearly, and are well-supported.- Research is primary-course concepts of the paper are focused with clear and succinct writing Quality of research Poor Unsatisfactory –Failed to cite even 1 source –Sources unreliable. –Information interferes with ability of reader to understand paper.–Irrelevant to thesis.–Information does not support the topic–Surface research. Fair Cited 1-2 sources –Source reliability questionable. -Information does not interfere with ability of reader to find the source.–Some information relevant to thesis.–Information provided to support some elements of topic–Surface research. Good Cited 2-3 sources –Sources mostly reliable. Citation errors minor.–Most information included–Sufficient information provided –Research of sufficient depth. Excellent -Cited 3 or more sources –Sources reliable and properly cited.–All information included–Sufficient information provided to support all elements of topic.–Research in-depth and the beyond the obvious, revealing new insights gained. Organization & Structure Poor – Organization and structure detract from the concepts of the paper- Concepts are disjointed and lack transition of thoughts. Fair – Structure of the paragraph is not easy to follow. – Paragraph transitions need improvement.- Concepts are disconnected Good – Concepts of the paragraphs are clear and easy to follow. Excellent -Concepts of paragraphs are filled with details of support for thesis and topic sentences.- Paragraphs flow into each other with connective concepts. Format Poor – Paper lacks many elements of correct formattting. [APA style]- Paragraphs are inadequate/excessive in length.- Too much Fair – Paper follows most guidelines.- Paper is over/ under word length- Some padding of paragraphs Good – Paper follows designated guidelines.- Paper is the appropriate length as described for the assignment. Excellent -Paper follows designated guidelines[APA style]-Paper is appropriate in length-Succinct and scholarly presentation-websites are cited Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Poor – Paper contains numerous grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.- Language uses jargon or conversational tone. Fair – Paper contains few grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors.- Language lacks clarity or includes the use of some jargon or conversational tone. Good – Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed; spelling is correct.- Language is clear; sentences display consistently varied structure. Excellent Correct grammatical construction-free of typos – compound/complex sentences-clear, correct technical vocabularyStrong use of correct language structure.-Correct punctuation Elder Care Environment Rubric