Descriptive Assignment


Select one video or film used in the course and write a 2-3-page essay in which you describe, in detail, some scene or part of the video to produce the meaning of the scene.

video I selected link—


Things to pay attention to in your writing:

  1. The introductory paragraph should identify what you will be analysing and why you think this video and scene is significant to you.
  2. Each paragraph should focus on one aspect: description, meaning/interpretation, significance developed from a course reading. Use direct citations only when using course materials(no paraphrasing).
  3. Descriptions must be coherent: flesh out details concerning character traits, styles, gestures, language, presentation, relationships between people, things or the spaces they occupy, and link these details to the overall structure of the narrative if relevant. Do not do all of these, but selectively choose the most appropriate elements to build your meaning.
  4. The meaning or importance of the image(s) or scene you have examined should be clearly expressed. Meaning is developed by explaining how the different parts of the scene combine to produce some effect in terms of story, character, history, or in terms of how it affected you (the viewer).

Formatting Requirements:

  1. Include the year of the video or film in brackets after each citation. You do not need a time stamp.
  2. Include your name, student #, the date, & course number on the title page.
  3. Include a title for your essay.
  4. Double space your work.
  5. Use default font (Times New Roman), font size (12), and standard margins.