Critical Thinking

Unit V Discussion Board Question

Consider the fallacies of relevance listed in Chapter 8 of our textbook. Consider a recent conversation or a recent news or magazine article you have read. Identify two fallacies of relevance you noticed in the conversation or article. Consider how you, personally, might avoid committing fallacies of relevance, and list two ways you can avoid them in the future. In your replies to students, note some polite ways to point out when someone commits a fallacy of relevance.

Unit VI Discussion Board Question

Consider science as defined in Chapter 5 of our textbook, and the role of objectivity in scientific research. Define subjectivity in contrast to objectivity. How does using objective evidence help scientists find working answers? How might understanding the importance of objectivity help you find working answers to problems of your own and become a better critical thinker in the process?

Learning Strategies for Success

Unit V Discussion Board

The textbook stresses the importance of being aware of the impression that we make on others. In fact, it is critically important to remember that your social media presence can set a precedent for you before someone even makes your acquaintance. What does your social media presence reveal about you? Google yourself. What do you see? What would a potential employer think if he or she did the same? How could your social media presence today impact your future career opportunities?

Unit VI Discussion Board

Many students will readily agree that they have embraced help when writing their papers. However, when does seeking writing help cross the line into cheating? How could a “homework assistance” website promote academic dishonesty? In your opinion, what should happen to students who have paid someone to complete their work?

Anatomy and Physiology II

Unit V Discussion Board Question

Your unit has been called to a 42-year-old male who is complaining of severe shortness of breath. Upon arrival, you find the patient to be morbidly obese, BP 98/52, P-116, R-24, SpO2-92%. You connect the cardiac monitor and find the patient to be in atrial flutter. What would be your next course of action and/or possible treatment?

Unit VI Discussion Board Question

Many people breathe through their mouths while others breathe through their noses. What are your thoughts on why breathing through the nasal cavity is more desired than breathing through the mouth?

Community Health

Unit V Discussion Board Question

You are a community health educator in the Southwest United States. Your county health department received a grant to create a new initiative that is designed to decrease smoking rates in the county. Your health commissioner and Board of Health want to create a team of teachers, parents, community leaders, and public health professionals to develop an intervention.

Discuss which cognitive and affective methods you believe would be useful for this purpose, and why? Give specific examples as you explain your rationale.

Unit VI Discussion Board Question

Choose either the category of unintentional injuries (such as motor vehicle accidents) or intentional injuries (such as gunshot or stabbing). Identify basic U.S. epidemiology and persons most at risk for your category. Then discuss prevention strategies that you feel would be most effective in mitigating these injuries. Give specific examples, and explain your rationale for the strategies selected.

Introduction to Current Procedural Terminology

Unit V Discussion Board Question

Coding can, at times, be incredibly frustrating and laborious. It is inevitable that errors will occur, especially when dealing with the thousands of codes a coder is expected to know how to use properly. Still, there is demand for perfect coding, even when given imperfect documentation. Many websites, online databases, software, and electronic tools are available to assist with verifying that the proper codes are being used. While coders are held accountable to ensuring they personally verify every code, these tools can help streamline and quicken the medical coding process.

If you are not familiar with the tools available, do an internet search using the term medical coding tools. Share a tool that you are familiar with or that you feel would be helpful in your coding process. Explain its features and how it can help eliminate coding errors. Do you see any clear pros or cons with the tool? Include a link to information on the tool so others may explore it as well.

Take the time to review other student’s suggested tools and direct your required reply to a classmate who has shared a tool different from your own suggestion.

Unit VI Discussion Board Question

As a coder, it is critical to stay up-to-date on coding topics and changes, beyond simply ensuring you have a current copy of the coding manual. Locate and share at least one electronic resource that can help you stay current and informed. Be specific—share not only the URL of the website or resource, but identify in what ways features of this resource will help you as a coder.