You are the family support assistant and work in the front office at an elementary school of approximately 600 students.  It is 11:30 am and your financial secretary just left to do her deposit at the bank so you are in the office alone until he or she returns around 12:30 pm. The nurse is not on campus today and one of the custodians is out.


Put the following items in the order in which you would prioritize and handle them.  Provide a brief explanation (no more than 2 sentences) of why you placed the item in that particular order.

-The phone rings, you answer and a parent is upset because their child’s name was not published in the yearbook.  He demands to speak to the principal or assistant principal immediately.

-A 5th grade student walks into the office holding a trash can and says he just threw up in the classroom.

-A first grader comes into the office to get his mid-day dose of medication.

-A teacher calls to say she has a student who is being disruptive and needs an administrator to come get the student.

-A teacher calls from the playground to say a student fell on the playground. She hurt her knee and it’s bleeding and needs to be bandaged. She also tells you that she needs an injury report to complete and wants you to send it back with the student.

-The assistant principal told you earlier this morning that she needs all of the bus rosters printed and back to her by 1:00 so that she can get them to the bus drivers.  You have not started this task yet.

-Another teacher calls from the front playground and says there is a dog running around and it is scaring the kids.

-Two parents ring the front door bell and are here to pick up their children for appointments.

-A staff member calls to say there are no paper towels in the boy’s bathroom and there is water all over the floor.

-The area superintendent calls and asks to speak to the principal regarding a safety concern at the school.