1. What is the legal basis for the EEOC to hold that JBS-SWIFT had violated the employees’ civil rights?
  2. Contrast the solutions to the Tyson situation and the JBS-SWIFT situation. Which is likely to have the greatest positive impact on the company and why?  6 points

3. Complete the Sexual harassment quiz below Explain why each question is or is not sexual harassment. (4 points)

Identify if the activity is sexual harassment or not. Explain your answers

Employees post cartoons on bulletin boards containing sexually related material

A male employee says to a female employee that she has beautiful eyes

A male manager calls all female employees “sweetie”

A manager fails to promote a female(male) employee for not granting sexual favors

A supervisor gives a  female (male) subordinate a gift for her(his) birthday.

A sales representative from a supplier makes suggestive sexual remarks to the receptionist.

4. Using the format on p 156 and the information on p 155 write a job description for the position you desire to have. (10 points)