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STAT 134 Mini Project Rubric

1 Introduction

In this semester, one mini-project of writing a 2-3 page report will be assigned.
The objective of this mini-project is to deepen your understanding of the class
material, and to give you a sense of how the class materials can be applied to
real-world problems. 6 topics will be given below as a guideline, but you can also
choose your own topic as long as the topic is relevant to the course materials.
Students must work in pairs and submit a single joint report. We suggest you
reach out to your classmates from section, class, at the SLC, or on Piazza to
find a partner.

2 Timeline

April 1 2022, 10pm – ONLY IF your topic is not from the given 6
topics: Your topic must be approved via Private Piazza post. Please
don’t leave this to the last minute.

May 1 2022, 10pm : Due Date (one of the partners uploads on Grade-
scope —we don’t want duplicate submissions)

3 Detailed Instructions

• Your report should contain the following 4 elements:

1. The title and names of two authors. A footnote indicating how each
student contributed.

2. How the topic is related to the class material.

3. Proof (if applicable) and theoretical background of the topic

4. Two examples of how the topic can be applied in a real-world prob-
lem. One of the examples may be the example topic itself.

• If you choose your own topic, make sure to send a private Piazza post to
get our OK about the project.

• The report should be typed 2-3 pages plus references, and be no longer
than 3 pages.


4 Grading

You will receive a score out of 4 based on the criteria below.

4 : The report is exceptional. (Only few students will get it)

3 : The report contains all the 4 elements written above.

2 : The report only provides the proof and theoretical background OR
examples of how the topic is applied.

1 : The report does not contain enough information.

0 : Report is not submitted

5 Example Topics (Related concept)

1. Nash Equilibrium in Game theory (Expectation) 1

2. Simple linear regression (Bivariate normal, correlation) 2

3. A/B testing, Fisher exact test (Normal distribution / Counting) 3

4. The German Tank Problem (Bias Variance Trade-off) 4

5. Confidence Interval Interpretation (Parameter estimation)5

6. Harvard Medical School Survey (Bayes’ Rule)6

7. Others – some other application of a concept taught in the class.

2see section 12.1
3see section 9.2
4see section 11.2
5see sections 9.2,9.3
6see section 2.4


  • Introduction
  • Timeline
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Grading
  • Example Topics (Related concept)