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Book Report #__

Name ______________________ Class Section ____   Date ____________

Use the following template to write a 3 paragraph report about your A.R. novel.  This template MUST be stapled on top of your writing.  

  • ALL grammar and writing rules apply and will be part of your grade.  
  • Remember, you are responsible for EITHER completing 2 of these reports OR 2 AR online quizzes per 9 weeks. 
  • Each is worth 50 possible points and may be completed at any time during the 9 weeks. Failure to complete will result in a 0!

1st body:  title and author



        Characters (protagonist/antagonist) (dynamic or static)

2nd body:  A summary of the plot (use the  plot graph on the back of this 

          Page as your guide)

          Conflict type (man v man, man v self, man v society, 

           man v technology)


3rd body:  Theme of the book and an explanation

        Your personal review of the book (would you suggest 

                      this  book to your friends? Why or why not?)

** Must be neatly handwritten and turned into my inbox for grading