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Your research
paper will be a comprehensive thematic review of the scholarly literature related to your topic.

10 pages

use Sources you got for the outline assignment 

Introduction: Gives a quick idea of the topic of the literature review, such as the central
theme or organizational pattern.
 Body: Contains your discussion of sources and is organized thematically.
 Conclusions/Recommendations: Discuss what you have drawn from reviewing literature
so far. Where might the discussion proceed?”

NOTE: A Lit Review should not have your opinion, you are entirely discussing the article

This will be a thematic lit review: “Thematic reviews of literature are organized around a topic or issue, rather than the progression
of time.

 Current Situation: Information necessary to understand the topic or focus of the literature
 History: The chronological progression of the field, the literature, or an idea that is
necessary to understand the literature review, if the body of the literature review is not
already a chronology.

 Methods and/or Standards: The criteria you used to select the sources in your literature
review or the way in which you present your information. For instance, you might
explain that your review includes only peer-reviewed articles and journals.
 Questions for Further Research: What questions about the field has the review sparked?
How will you further your research as a result of the review?”

The paper is to be written in strict conformance to current APA standards