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Citation/Reference for Chosen Article:

Response/Reaction (see syllabus for instructions)

Instructions: for the template

Locate a recent article that focuses on a topic similar to the class presentation. Please give me the reference/website for the article in the space provided. Any format for the references is fine as long as it is accessible. In the box below your reference/citation, address the following: 1) the central/focal points of the article, 2) how it “fits”/contributes to lecture material, 3) questions that were left unanswered or things you wish were covered, 4) how it may affect your job/career/life in the years to come. You need not address all four, but you need to be thorough in your chosen approach.

Things to know about me:

I’m a Bolivian just arrived to usa to my college fsu I live in Tallahassee. my major is marketing and I’m planning to open my night clubs and restaurants here in the usa when I finish college.

Im 20 years old

I am currently a junior

Currently in FSU

From Bolivia

Just arrived 3 months ago to Tallahassee from Bolivia.

This are the articles I picked up for the 7 different.

They have to be 7 different articles for 7 different sections 2