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Create a Works Cited
During ENC 1101, you should have learned about using the library for
research and properly formatting
paper in MLA. Now it is time to show
off those skills (or get a quick
refresher before you start this
course). Keep in mind that some
Modules will ask you to access library
resources to find videos or articles for
the discussions, and you will also need
these research and MLA skills for your papers.

If you need to, review the information below on accessing the library
databases and formatting papers in MLA. When you are ready, apply
these skills by creating a Works Cited in Word! This assignment is
worth 100 points.

You do NOT need to actually write a paper for this assignment; I
just want to make sure you can find research and properly cite that
research in a Works Cited. You are more than welcome to preview
your first essay (argument/commentary) and apply this research
to that paper.


Select any topic

5/12/22, 1:26 AM
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Search for that topic using at least 3 DIFFERENT library
databases. These might include:

Academic Search Complete
Films on Demand
Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Create a Works Cited page in Word with those 3 (or more
sources) database sources. Keep in mind, a proper Works Cited:

Says ‘Works Cited’ at the center of the page
Is in alphabetical order
Is in 12 point font, New Times Roman
Using “hanging indent” – This means the FIRST line of each
citation is at the LEFT margin. Any line beyond that for each
citation is INDENTED.

Once you are done with the Works Cited, insert page numbers in
the top right.(Remember, don’t just write the number. For most
versions of Word, simply go to “insert” and then “Page Numbers”.)

Attach your final Word document as the assignment; don’t just
copy it into the “comment” section or you will lose formatting

My goal is to make sure you feel comfortable doing research and using
that research to create a Works Cited before we get to our first paper.
Let me know if you have any questions and have fun with
your research!

5/12/22, 1:26 AM
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