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Kawtar Ben Hadouch


Southern States University


Executive summary

This business is a French bakery; the business is focused on giving its customers quality products and a unique customer experience. Therefore, its mission is ‘to bake innovative products with great taste and make the customer eating experience more satisfying .’The company focuses on the quality of its products to its customers. It also works towards achieving customer satisfaction. The vision of the business is ‘to be the most trusted French bakery offering the most innovative and unique recipes to its customers’. ‘The bakery will also offer different products to its customers. These products are made by trying new recipes which accommodate all the customers including those who need special diet and those with health complications. In addition, the recipes used are unique from those of the competitors due to the special ways used in making them. The products offered include macaron, baguette, croissant madeleines, Paris Brest, St. honoree, honoree and mille-feuille. I will be seeking finance from investors (Index & Index, 2019). This business will grow to become an international business in the future. the plan is to start laying the foundation for a big business, and seeking financial help from the investors will help me achieve this goal funding will also be done through bank loans with infests which I will be able to pay over a period of agreed time. This is because I would like to have much control of the business to make better decisions and implement innovations easily. Loans will enable me to keep much control of my business since the lenders do not control over the business. There is a detailed plan that will help the business in resource allocation to enable the business reach its goals through effectiveness across all the sectors of the business for instance marketing, production etc. which is ensured by proper allocation of resources.

Company description

The company is a bakery that makes different French pastries as mentioned in the executive summary. The business is designed to bring a change in the baking industry. A business plan is needed which will ensure that the business is able to offer its products to the customers. Firstly, the business differentiates itself in the market through its different recipes. Instead of following the existing recipes new ones are developed through collecting customer data to identify the needs of customers which are not met by existing bakeries. The business aims to change the idea of baking from just fixed recipes to the recipes that best fit the customers’ needs. Therefore, when the company has all its customers’ information, most recipes are developed and tried to ensure they meet those needs (Gorard et al., 2018). Customers with health issues such as lactose intolerant or customers who have health issues such as low sugar levels or high sugar levels are considered by making products that fit their needs—for instance, making products with high sugar levels for the customers with low sugar levels. My market is people of all ages, both men and women and children. All the people enjoy delicious foods, and therefore they are all targeted in the market. The products are not highly-priced and can easily be afforded by all households, from the wealthy to the middle class to the low-income earners. People with health issues are also included by ensuring their needs are factored in during the process of development of the product. My competitive advantage is the uniqueness of my products. I will not just develop products that exist in the market, but I will come up with unique recipes that meet the customers’ needs. Therefore my products will have a unique taste that gives my brand a unique competing advantage.


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