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I’m an experienced, multifaceted storyteller and marketing maven who loves to roll up her sleeves and dive into a variety of roles and projects including: • Editing, research, ghost writing, and digital marketing for tech companies, eBook authors (multiple genres), non-profits, schools • High-tech marketing communications, creative team management, internal and executive communications, content management, and event management for a selection of rock-star companies (you know who you are!) I turn straw–in the form of complex ideas, thorny problems, and very rough drafts–into gold. I use words to provide clarity and connect dots. Research and analytics excite me as does learning new skills. I don’t do drama…I get the job done with my sense of humor in-tact. I have mastered the ancient art of corporate jujitsu and can quickly adjust my focus and strategy midstream while maintaining a calm, professional demeanor. I am constantly seeking opportunities to learn about current marketing tools, techniques, and strategies (ask me about my Salesforce Trailhead badges, my LinkedIn Learning marketing credentials, and my HubSpot Academy content marketing certification). And I always play well with others. **Ask me for a link to my full online portfolio if you want a more in-depth look at the work I’ve done.**