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You have a vision, but can’t articulate it. When you finally find the words, they don’t sound as impressive as it did in your mind. But it’s a great idea! A great concept. Let me help get your content out on paper. Regardless of the goal, I can frame and create the narrative in such a way that is compelling, easy to read, and hard to forget. After all, “easy reading, was damn hard writing.” — Maya Angelou. Don’t believe me? As someone who worked at a bootstrapped tech startup, then a digital ad agency, as well as a luxury goods company, my personal experience has made me well equipped to navigate all industries and speak to all types of audiences. As a writer, my articles have garnered over 100,000 views and still maintain an average “read ratio” around 50%. What does that mean? On average, every other person who has viewed my articles have read through to the bottom. Content is more than just filler space or SEO boosts. Content is the key to engaging your clients, your audience. You want the best. You deserve the best. And I’ll give you the *very* best.