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With deep expertise as a McKinsey Consultant, Associate on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Economic Development Team, and Venture Investor at Beyond Capital Fund, I’m seasoned in developing high-quality work for executive-level stakeholders. I also bring a substantive writing background, from crafting news-ready content for national and city publication to directing a highly-technical thesis on state-of-the-art neuroimaging advancements. I am currently pursuing my MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) and working full-time in venture investing at Beyond Capital Fund. During my time at Stanford, I’ve worked in solar and emerging markets investing, founded a fully-fledged startup (Elevate LLC) and worked with entrepreneurs looking to scale and advance their businesses. Most recently, I was featured in Poets & Quants’ “Meet Stanford GSB’s MBA Class Of 2021”. To grow and enhance your business, I can offer rigorous financial modeling work, McKinsey-level presentation services and business development consultation, long-term strategy and nuanced branding advisory. I’ve advised over two-dozen startups on go-to-market (G2M) strategy, developed fundraising and market sizing models, and worked as a general advisor on several companies’ long term vision. If you are focused on your own professional goals, I provide career advice, interview preparation, and can assist in developing your resume, cover letters, application essays, LinkedIn profiles and personal statements to land you a place with your top-choice employer or educational institution. I would be more than happy to work with you in a maximally transparent manner, aligning on budget, timeline and deliverables up front to arrive at a top-tier final product. All services are listed below: _______________________________________________________________________ CORE LINES OF WORK || B2B || FORTUNTE 500s & STARTUPS | Venture capital diligence, advisory and market sizing analyses | Startup pitch decks & strategy to prepare for venture capital fundraising | Go-to-market strategy for startups and new product offerings for Fortune 500s | McKinsey-level presentations across industry verticals (editing & from-scratch design) | Nuanced investment memos & thesis development | Financial & mathematical modeling for venture deals or internal forecasting | Advanced analysis via Excel, R, Tableau, Alteryx | Detailed editing for novels, publications, manuscripts, articles, blogs, online websites and applications CORE LINES OF WORK || B2C || EXECUTIVES, JOB APPLICANTS & STUDENTS | Resume writing, design & review (SEO-optimized, key word search, ATS tailored) | Cover letter drafting & editing | LinkedIn writing & personal branding | LinkedIn company page design | Essay writing & editing (applications or technical) | Career coaching & interview preparation | MBA and graduate school application advice & consultation _______________________________________________________________________ RESUME-SPECIALIZED WORK: | Search engine optimization (SEO) per industry & occupation | Application tracking system (ATS) compatibility per industry & occupation | Overall design & formatting professionalization for executive positions, graduate school applications, career refocus, workforce re-entry, and general re-branding | Specialized industry & career switch services | Tailored executive career search advisory, resume design & applications | Targeted proofreading & language editing | Streamlined language & concise phrasing | Quantification of critical experiences, channeling key responsibilities & impact | Personalized questions to maximize individual resume depth | Native English reading, writing, grammar, punctuation and communication _______________________________________________________________________ QUALITATIVE EXPERTISE LEVERAGING CORPORATE & GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCE: | Business development content (e.g. pitch books, powerpoint visualization) | Press releases, professional memorandums | Pitch-book development | Formal editing & proofreading | Tailored strategy-focused consultation; | Non-profit and policy advisory | Presentation construction & targeted messaging _______________________________________________________________________ INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: | Government, politics, city government | Non-profit, youth employment, education, human rights | Venture capital, solar investing, portfolio allocation, impact investing strategies | Healthcare, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, digital healthcare strategy | High-tech, automation, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics | Manufacturing & construction management | Marketing, eCommerce, company branding | Writing, publishing, online web platforms | Financial services, asset management, private wealth, commercial banking | Real estate, due diligence, private equity