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I thrive on not only finding the right words, but also organizing them in just the right way. There’s nothing better than that feeling of chipping away at a piece of writing until you strike gold. Let me help you find your voice (and also catch any of those pesky spelling and grammar mistakes that get in the way). I am a professional fiction and poetry editor, a Pushcart-Prize-nominated poet, and have extensive copyediting experience. I’ve worked closely with poets as they compiled chapbooks, written blog and social media content for photographers, edited an award-winning literature magazine, and have worked at a medical publisher for the past five years. I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from Pine Manor College, and I write contemporary realistic young adult fiction and poetry. My background in poetry and YA continuously strengthen my editing skills, challenging me to ensure that every word counts. I would love to read your work and help make your writing the strongest it can be.