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I’m a storyteller. I write clear, concise, conversational copy that puts a smile on your reader’s face. Think “friendly expert.” My goal is to catch – then keep – their attention. I love a bit of tongue-and-cheek when appropriate. That said, I’ve written for Fortune 500 companies – including finance – with a professional, neutral tone for years. When we work together I know the questions to ask to get the copy you want. Questions about outcomes. And I know how to think like your reader, giving them the information that they want in easy-to-digest bites and driving them to take action. I’m trained in both creative writing and journalism (University of Pittsburgh). I also hold my M.A. in Industrial/Organizational psychology – the study of how to make the workplace operate more effectively and efficiently. I worked in human resources prior to writing full-time. Prior to that I worked in the non-profit sector as a domestic violence counselor and program manager. I am happy to provide a discounted fee to nonprofit and grassroots organizations. While I’m open to all projects, I have deep experience in: • Human Resources (HR) or employee communication • Internal Communications • Employee experience • Employment Branding • Psychology (both counseling and industrial/organizational) • Gender and minority experiences • Parenting I also have a successful track record of authoring press releases, sound bites and newsletter copy. Feel free to reach out to discuss how I can add value to your project or goals.