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Job Search, career, business and executive leadership development coach focused on helping my clients strategically map and accelerate their professional growth. My clients work in all types of industries. However, they share three things in common: • They actively want to grow • Are willing to invest in themselves • Have a desire to achieve positive outcomes With my coaching and career search services you will be able to leverage your passion, skills, and energy with research driven, time tested, automated, low or no cost processes that will help you: • Create a transcendent and resilient vision. • Build a dynamic career road map. • Methodically bridge skill and ability gaps. • Confidently nail all aspects of your job interview. • Design your personal leadership dashboard. • Successfully negotiate your compensation plan. • Develop a resume that helps you find and land your dream job. • Create a LinkedIn profile that stands out from the crowd. • Significantly reduce personal and organizational stress. • Train resilient and motivated leaders. • Achieve a situational work and life balance. Get going today with a customized plan that doesn’t take months or years to build. Brian Williams is a Business Strategist, Leadership Coach, Advisor and the founder of StratIQ Consulting. He spent 10 years Active Duty in the US Army serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment and in various roles as a Military Intelligence Officer. After leaving active duty, he completed his MBA in Leadership at the University of Washington and has over 25 years of experience in the banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing, and defense sectors.