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I am a published author, technology innovator, and editor focused on writing and effective communications. I have 25 years of experience including significant time in professional services and 4 years in Big Tech where I further honed my writing, editing, and communications skills. I can help you craft the highest-quality communications including articles, blog posts, and e-books. I specialize in helping clients craft compelling narratives that connect with your audience and exceed your goals. I bring a unique blend of freelance, professional, and academic experience. Remember, content is everything. Flashy graphics make a nice impression, but I help you get your point across. I can help you reach your goals using my extensive experience writing articles, delivering training, given conference talks, and writing books. Let me help you do the same. I respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. I am dedicated to customer satisfaction. I provide daily status reports so you will always know the work stand, what is completed, and what work remains to get to the finish line. I value honesty, transparency, and quality workmanship.