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Do you feel like your blog or resource center isn’t reaching its potential? Maybe you’re having a tough time generating traffic. Or even if you are getting clicks, they’re not turning into leads. Countless companies throw up a few hastily written blog posts and call it a day, but that’s not going to cut it. Not with millions of new blog posts being published every day. You want your content to rise above the noise AND turn readers into clients, but what if you don’t have the time or expertise? HOW I CAN HELP YOU I provide the following services to help fintechs turn their websites into lead factories. ✅ Content Strategy ✅ SEO-Optimized Content (blog posts and guides) ✅ Content Updates Here is my five-step process to familiarize myself with your company and create content for you that stands out: 1. Gain an intimate understanding of your company, industry, and target market through my own research and conversations with you. 2. Internalize your brand’s voice and style. 3. Brainstorm outstanding content ideas and outlines. 4. Write content that pleases both your prospects and the search engines. 5. Listen to feedback and implement it. SOME OF MY CLIENTS Agencies: Scribe, Provectus Digital Fintechs: Recurly, Biz2Credit, Biz2X, SaveBetter WHAT THEY ARE SAYING ▶️ “I hired Nick as one of my content writers and I have not regretted my decision one iota. He turns professional work around quickly, has never missed a deadline, and asks for feedback or clarification when necessary. His writing is engaging, strong, and articulate.” -Nabeel Keblawi, Provectus Digital ▶️ “We’ve worked together on many long-form articles about the subscription billing space Recurly plays in, and Nick has done an excellent job of not only understanding the space but also coming up with new insights I hadn’t thought of.” -Neeraj Periwal, Recurly Hope to hear from you! Nick