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Most of my life since college, I’ve spent as a reporter and editor. For a while, I wrote mostly about art, for publications like ArtInfo and The Art Newspaper, though I’ve also done metro stories with an art or archaeological bent for The New York Times and The Forward, as well as a Talk of the Town story for The New Yorker. For several years, I worked at Outside magazine, where my job involved fact-checking feature articles, and writing and editing sidebars and short articles. In my spare time, I also fact-checked On The Burning Edge, a book about wildfire fighting, and Trump and Me, a book about the 2016 presidential election. These days, I write stories about sports, fitness, and the environment for Smithsonian, Esquire, and SB Nation, in addition to my work for Outside. I’ve also worked as a ghostwriter on two book-length projects, which I completed under a tight deadline. This work was a lot of fun; I took a lot of satisfaction from working with the client, and I’m extremely proud of the finished product.