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I am an expert writer with a B.S. degree in marketing and 20+ years of writing, communications and marketing experience, working for small businesses, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies. I deliver polished blog, article, white paper, eBook, website, email, brochure, press release and social media content in the areas of general business, B2B, consumer, and technology for national and international audiences. I am extremely reliable and am able to deliver well-written, finalized content on a variety of topics. Last, but not least, I am an ace researcher and investigator, able to take any topic and craft a story with the voice of an expert, featuring SEO and related reference links as needed. I am always open to client suggestions, directions and I make sure I ask questions to ensure I understand the project and can deliver as required. I’ll help you with the following (as needed): • Writing, editing and delivering well-written blogs, articles, website content, eBooks, white papers and more on all topics, whether B2B, consumer or other. • Developing content that sells, generates traffic, creates opens and gets you to real sales or more views. • Research and topic investigation