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As an experienced writer and editor, I have tutored hundreds of students through all levels of the writing process, ranging from initial conceptual phases to final paper modifications. My academic and career background has equipped me with the ability to effectively engage with and advise on a diverse set of topics: law, public policy, history, university admissions, government relations, and administrative processes to name a few. Since my past work experience has been almost completely client-oriented in nature, I am sensitive to the logistical and financial constraints of my clients. I can be trusted with work product or edits that are efficient, responsive, and of superb quality. As someone who has been on both sides of the writing process (writer who must respond to various forms of feedback AND editor who needs to give constructive, timely advice to clients), I have a good understanding of how to manage workflow and ensure transparent communication between both sides. I take my jobs seriously, value detail-oriented work, and believe in a positive mindset in how I approach different tasks.