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Did you search for any of these terms?: “email copywriter,” “copywriter brooklyn,” “copywriter new york city,” “marketing consultant nyc,” “marketing coach, new york” or something similar then it makes perfect sense you found me. If you creep on the portfolio section of my profile, you’ll see for yourself I’ve gotten pretty dern good results for the clients I’ve written sales copy for, but there’s a “secret” why the copy works so well… It’s not because I’m the world’s greatest copywriter (SURPRISE!!!: I’m not). So…. What’s the “Big Secret?” How do you get your ideal target prospects to pull out their wallets and buy from you? First, you have to know exactly who they are. Second, you have to figure out how you’ll reach them, profitably Third, you have to help them solve their most pressing and desperate problem. Once you’ve got that worked out, it’s not really hard to make them a truly irresistible offer. This is how you can present them with something they CANNOT refuse and they CANNOT get anywhere else. Why wouldn’t you want to know how to do that? With my help, I can help you figure out what hidden assets you might not even know you have to make this happen. I’ll bet a dollar to a dime you have hidden money in your business, hiding in plain site you just can’t figure out how to access. I can help you with that. Want better customers? Hire me for a one hour strategy session and let’s figure out what the problem is and put a game plan together to fix it. Whether it’s finding new customers or clients, or making more from the ones you’ve got, help accessing all that is just a booked call away. Here’s a side tip, a mantra that might help you moving forward: “It’s far easier to find 100 places and ways to get 1 customer than the 1 way and place to find 100 customers.” Here’s another morbid question mind bender for ya: Who’s job is tougher… The suicide negotiator who has to talk the jumper safely off the ledge or the devil’s advocate suggesting it’s a great idea to go ahead and jump? The suicide negotiator is starting from a disadvantage, right? He has to CHANGE their mind. The devil’s advocate is validating the idea ALREADY in the person’s mind and simply encouraging them to go ahead and do it. The devil’s advocate isn’t changing anyone’s mind, right? He’s simply encouraging their decision. Let me show you how to reach out and talk to your most eager, desperate customers. They know they have the problem. They’ve been hoping to find a solution, and as luck would have it…there you are. You already have what they want. Let me help you see how to get them to buy it from you. All I need is a brief understanding of your goals and I should quickly be able to assess how and whether or not I can help you. Check out my work portfolio, read what others have said about working with me and contact me to see if I can help you solve your business problems. Again, as an “email copywriter” I specialize in selling to your customers over time. The reason it works so well, it’s because I focus on them. As long as I stay in their world, and selling them what they want and need, you’re campaign will be a success. I’m local to New York City (in case you were curious). Hire me to help you, today. Want to chat first? Get in touch with me and let’s get a call scheduled on your calendar. Send me a message, today.