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Wielding a thesaurus, I slay skimming mid-scroll for websites and social media alike with cutthroat creative copy. I’m pro-punchy sentence syntax, all about alliteration, and would fight (and die) for the oxford comma. Always an overachiever, I couldn’t be satisfied with only writing the copy for the projects in my head, so I added graphic design to my skillset to dual wield copy writing and graphic design together. I’m a Connecticut-based creative with a background in social media management and web content from both directions of copy and design. I thrive at every stage of a project from research and fact-checking to writing and layout. As a designer, I work in vector shapes because things need to scale to adorable, how-it-it-so-small tiny and side of a building big. I think color brings shape structure to life, but I nerd out so hard about typefaces it’s my kryptonite. Whether for securing customers, donations, or clicks; my design is the trusty sidekick to my vocabulary. As a Hamline University graduate, I hold a dual degree in English (focusing in professional writing and rhetoric) and Digital Media Arts (focusing in graphic design and photography). I work in the intersection of web and social media where visuals and copy always matter to fight fleeting attention. Need a creative warrior in your party? Roll initiative. If you’re interested in hiring me for your current job, please invite me to the job so I can submit a proposal: