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My name is Michelle Lopez Boggs. I’m an author and copywriter. I help entrepreneurs increase their profits with integrity. I recently published a book, “The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout.” My philosophy for selling is based on the MEI principle: Motivate, educate, and inspire. When you MEI people, this naturally leads to selling! You’ll never have to use a single predatory marketing tactic to get a customer on board. Instead, they’ll naturally respond to your content with enthusiasm and will sell themselves on your product or service! I’ve helped my clients sell millions of dollars’ worth of products and services online…by writing and speaking as their true self, in their unique voice… while sticking to their values. WORDS FROM A FEW OF MY CLIENTS… ====================== “Sign me up for your services again in 2017, Michelle! Thanks to your work we are always rocking our 7-digit biz, year after year…it’s not discounts I want. It’s value.” “I’ve used your Anti–Marketing Jumpstart Kit for over 5 years and it’s been selling since day one! It’s like making sales on auto-pilot! The package is easily worth $10,000. Thank you!” – Shane Ellison, founder, “The People’s Chemist” ====================== “Wow. Just wow, Michelle. You captured exactly what I wanted to say, even better than me. This is awesome. The edits came out really good and you kept my voice. I appreciate how you added a couple things for logic and spaced apart some others for readability. I can see what you did, and why. I love the way it turned out!” – Jeff Milano, CEO, The People’s Chemist ====================== “Michelle has written articles and promotional emails that have have helped us reach new clients and convert sales from our email list. We are very satisfied with her work and her ability to provide high quality copy even under very tight deadlines. The best part, she captures David’s unique voice and transforms his verbal teachings into easy to understand written communication…which is no small task!” -Steph Tuss CEO for David Neagle / Life is Now, Inc. ====================== “Michelle Lopez has been very beneficial in preparing my book for publication. Her work is quick and thorough; she turns a few dozen pages around the same day. She has a sharp eye for spelling and grammar errors, as well as trickier issues like diction, sequencing, and readability. She catches word repetition, notes awkward phrases, identifies vague or confusing passages, and suggests improvements…It has been a pleasure working with her.” – Dave Cullen Author, New York Times Bestselling book, Columbine ====================== If you want support with writing or editing… AND you want to boost your profits… let’s talk. Message me or invite me to a project, and let’s discuss your unique business, voice, and path to greater profits! Michelle P.S. Search for my book, “The Anti-Marketing Manifesto: How to Sell Without Being a Sellout” on Amazon to see sample sales copy. You can also preview a few chapters with the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon.