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Are looking for a detail-oriented, results-driven content creator or consultant for your organizational needs? I have 15 years of professional experience with my expertise lying in wellness, education, and business. I consistently infuse logic, integrity, and heart into my work. I’d love to connect to learn more about your organization’s needs to see if we would make a good fit. As a published writer and professional speaker, I have a ton of experience creating high quality content written, graphically, visually, and orally that has been consumed worldwide. – 15 years of Teaching Experience (professional experience with various ages, Infant thru Adults) – 11 years Management Experience (personnel and organizational) – 11 years Digital Marketing and Strategy experience (social media, email) – 11 years Content Writing Experience – 10 years Instructional Design Experience – 10 years Public Speaking Experience – 9 years Curriculum Writing Experience Specialties: ♥ Emotional Intelligence & Management ♥ Social Emotional Learning ♥ Digital Marketing ♥ Holistic Nutrition ♥ Mindfulness ♥ Developmental Psychology ♥ Trauma Informed Coaching & Education ♥ Self-Care ♥ Hormonal Balance ♥ Gluten/Dairy Free Recipe Development ♥ Individual & Group Fitness ♥ Digestion & Gut Healing ♥ Healthy Cooking/Meal Planning ♥ Family Communication ♥ Gentle Goal Setting & Habit Building ♥ Heart-Centered Business Strategy