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Hello, My name is Grace. I’m currently studying my Master’s at New York University in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. I have a Bachelor’s in International Relations and have worked in capacity building for non profit organizations for the past two years, where I was the main point of contact for volunteers, clients, and program managers. After my nonprofit experience has taught be the importance of public relations and how it can be used in corporate situations, I decided to go into consulting for corporations. I have two years of professional writing in research and analytical reports and papers, blog posts, and content writing on topics such as international relations, politics, and corporate recruiting. I have used my creative writing to write press releases and compelling story posts for e-commerce start ups, fashion blogs, and product blogs. Additionally, my writing skills have come in handy in writing resumes, cover letters, and consulting individuals on job interviewing. I believe writing is one of the most important tools that can be used for anyone in his/her business or personal development. Writing can be used to connect with your audience through compelling stories that strike their emotions, whether the audience is a HR manager, a customer, or a reader. Additionally, I am an avid social media user and have implemented paid campaigns on Instagram and Facebook through posting relevant posts and captions, use of hashtags, and coordinating pictures in an attractive way. The strategy of combining writing and digital media to attract a target audience is highly effective. As a student who is currently learning from the best instructors on paid social campaigns, PR, and creative writing, I would love to use my skills to freelance for anyone who is looking for a writer or social media enthusiast. I have the skills to tailor my writing and social posts towards a specific audience and can report on the steps I used to deliver, making my clients feel informed and safe with the work that I provide.