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Hi, I’m Matt Murphy. For years I served as a sports, entertainment, and lifestyle marketing consultant to some of the world’s most recognizable brands. During this time, I found myself reworking the sales materials of many of the organizations pitching corporate partnerships to these brands to make them more powerful. In other words, to make it easier for my clients to say “OK, we’re in.” That’s why, after many years on the agency side that included long-term stops on three different continents, I decided to dedicate my focus to helping marketers like you better articulate their value propositions and calls to action. Extensive experience with strategy development, research and analytics, deal negotiation, activation, and measurement offers valuable insight when crafting persuasive sales content. You deserve to rest assured knowing that your business is being conveyed in the best possible light to draw the greatest possible response. I use my background in building B2B partnerships to prime your prospects by strengthening some of your most important sales tools: • Websites • Sales pitches • Case studies Each of these requires deft use of the language to convince your audience that your offer is worth pursuing at different points along the buyer journey. I take great care to immerse myself in your business so that I can uncover the right insights to inform quality recommendations that facilitate that journey. This has led to great relationships, as can be seen from what some of my clients and industry associates have graciously said: • “Matt was one of our group’s best writers, and I always knew that I could rely on him for buttoned-up deliverables no matter how extensive the work or quick the turnaround.” – Sarah Hirshland, CEO, US Olympic Committee • “Time and time again, Matt has demonstrated his unparalleled business acumen and unmatched writing talents to the brands under my responsibility.” – David Calkins, SVP Business Development, Spark Foundry • “There is no other person I trust more than Matt when it comes to polishing off an important client document.” – Heidi Pellerano, Chief Commercial Officer, CONCACAF I’d like to add value to your team as well. Let’s connect today so we can discuss how to close more deals in less time for greater ROI. Best, Matt