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→ My professional website is → I host the Express to Impress podcast, where I share stories and tips to help business professionals communicate clearly, confidently, and effectively in job interviews and the workplace. Available at express-to-impress/podcast Servicing a broad range of clients – university students, new grads, mid-career professionals, career changers, ESL job seekers, and remote job seekers – I have helped hundreds of people to land interviews. My clients get job offers from employers such as Ernst & Young and PwC. I also have extensive on-the-job talent acquisition experience and secured positions in the nonprofit, private, higher ed, and startup sectors. I am a Certified Employment Interview Professional and a member of the Society for Human Resource Management. Recognizing the needs of clients who have been stuck for months – people who have applied to countless jobs but aren’t getting interviews or people who go on interviews but don’t receive job offers – I built the five-hour online course “How to Find and Land a Job” to offer solutions that work. The course helps job seekers fix mistakes with their resumes, cover letters, online presence, LinkedIn profiles, interview answers and etiquette, approach to finding jobs, and more so that they can get a job fast. INTERVIEWING Knowing how to articulate your professional story and goals effectively can help you land the job you want. When you work with me, you will receive a detailed Job Interview Preparation Checklist and a 10-page document with sample interview questions and suggestions on how to answer them. (I provide separate materials for business and academic interviews.) During the interview practice, I will help you improve the content and delivery of your answers and prepare for other aspects of the interview experience. For example, I can help with small talk and etiquette and teach you how to be relaxed and confident throughout the experience. I am a TEFL-Certified English teacher and specialize in working with non-native English speakers. JOB SEARCH STRATEGY Many people only find a fraction of the job opportunities that are available to them and often, after spending much time searching. I will show how to: -Prioritize your job search activities based on how employers find candidates -Stay organized while searching for employment -Articulate what you want and need in a job and employer -Find relevant job openings -Spot job search scams -Find employer reviews -Build and utilize your professional network -Enlist appropriate help for your job search -Assess how well you are suited for positions NETWORKING STRATEGY To get others to believe in you, respect you, like you, and ultimately give you opportunities to do the things you love, you must be able to present yourself in person confidently. I can help you: -Craft the message you will share while networking (Your elevator pitch, professional story, and vision for your career) -Identify the people with whom you will connect -Identify what you will talk about and what questions you will ask when you meet with people in your network -Identify how you will reach out to the people in your network -Identify how you will expand your network JOB APPLICATION MATERIALS REVIEW (Resumes & Cover Letters) Too many talented professionals have the same challenge. They invest time in building resumes and writing cover letters that don’t result in invitations for interviews. I will review your documents to ensure they tell your unique story and show the value you offer, and ensure they are visible to employers and recruiters by incorporating critical keywords that will pass the screening process and lead to interviews. I believe the process of writing your resume and cover letter will help you clarify your own career goals and will prepare you for interviews. Therefore, I advise on your materials and edit them, but I do not write them. I am happy to share templates and samples of resumes and cover letters. I utilize the Jobscan software to ensure your materials are keyword-optimized & ATS-approved. LINKEDIN PROFILE REVIEW & ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY You will grab the attention of recruiters and employers by having a prominent online presence. But where to start? Recruiters and HR professionals in the U.S. and many other countries turn first to Linkedln to find and vet candidates. With your LinkedIn profile, you have the chance to craft the image employers have of you. As with my approach to resumes and cover letters, I will gladly review, advise, and edit your LinkedIn profile, but I will not write it. I am happy to share samples of all-star LinkedIn profiles. I can advise on LinkedIn engagement, such as what LinkedIn tools you can use to build your network and engage with others to show your knowledge and interests. I can also advise on and help create content to share.