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Hello! I’m a freelance editor specializing in academic writing. I edit manuscripts of all kinds, including but not limited to journal articles, dissertations, term papers, grant proposals, and application materials for jobs or academic programs (e.g. research statements and personal statements). I welcome manuscripts from any field of study, and from both native and non-native English speakers. —–About me My background is in mathematics — BA from Princeton, PhD from Stanford, and six years of postdoctoral experience in research and teaching (at UC Berkeley and at IMPA (Brazil)). I’m thoroughly familiar with the process of publishing in academic journals, and if you’re in a technical field, I won’t mess up your equations! I’m a native English speaker. I’m conversational in Portuguese and French and am available to translate from those languages to English. I also have some knowledge of German, Hungarian, Russian, Latin, Sanskrit, and ancient Greek, in various states of rustiness. I’m a trained classical musician and can handle manuscripts containing musical notation. I’m a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, a volunteer proofreader of e-books at Distributed Proofreaders Canada, and a volunteer editor with the University of Maryland Graduate Student Writing Center. —–Services I offer primarily copyediting and line editing services. This means polishing the language at the level of sentences or paragraphs, but not making drastic changes in the content or organization of the text. I’ll correct all mechanical errors (spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage), suggest alterations to improve clarity and style where needed, and make sure that the manuscript follows the conventions of your chosen style manual. I can work with most file formats, including Word, OpenOffice, Google Docs, PDF, LaTeX, and plain text.