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Harvard English Ph.D. with years of experience helping people convey their ideas more clearly and forcefully. I can provide timely feedback on your grammar, sentence structure, word choice, citations, and argument structure to help you achieve a professional, polished writing style. Contact me for a free trial edit of your first 500 words! I specialize in helping students and academic writers. I offer proofreading for grammar, syntax, vocabulary, APA and MLA conventions, clarity, and flow of ideas. Flummoxed by citation and formatting conventions? I will help you seamlessly integrate quotations into your writing and navigate the nuances of citing your sources. I specialize in MLA and APA. Concerned about flow and organization? I can help you create transitions that build to the next step in your argument. I will show you how to use targeted word choices and clauses both to maintain the thread of your main ideas and to emphasize turning points in your argument. If you’re a college-level writer struggling with a class paper, I can help you identify and refine your thesis and show you how to break down your argument and identify and repair any weak links through reverse outlining.