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My professional and academic backgrounds encompass both written communication and quantitative analysis, and, although I can copyedit any English-language text, I specialize in academic writing and in communicating quantitative information. Pricing: – My base price for document copyediting, proofreading, and formatting is $40/hour, and my ‘typical’ copyediting rate is 2000 words copyedited/hour. This rate also applies to formatting and proofreading documents. – However, in certain types of academic writing–papers targeted at academic journals and statements in support of job applications, every word counts, and, in some instances, the number of words comprising the document has a hard limit. I’ve found these types of documents are more difficult to copyedit. Therefore, I now charge $55/hour to copyedit such statements and papers targeted at publication in academic journals. In fixed-price jobs, I estimate the number of hours a job will take me to complete and will factor in the appropriate hourly rate. Specific Copyediting & Formatting Services Provided: In addition to copyediting, I also format documents employing MS Word and create bibliographies and insert citations in documents where needed. I am expert in MS Word and can style headings and table, figure, and equation designations so that Word can generate a table of contents and lists of tables, figures, and equations, respectively. If you need the headings styled in a particular format (i.e., APA 6th ed.), I can do that. I can properly organize a thesis or dissertation with introductory material numbered with small Roman numerals and the text with Arabic numbering. This involves sectioning the document in Word. I can use Adobe Photoshop Elements to do some graphical work; for mathematical or statistical material, I can generate graphics through R’s excellent library ggplot2 or through MS Excel. A further service is reference citation and bibliography. I prefer to use a reference-management software such as EndNote or Mendeley, which will generate a bibliography automatically once I’ve entered the references’ information in the software and inserted citations for them in the document. I can look up incomplete or incorrect reference information online, but this is very time consuming. If you should have any questions concerning your particular document, please do not hesitate to ask. I am willing to do small sample edits also. Lastly, I do not do homework for students, although I do provide advice within the limits of editing work–pointing out what I see as flaws or gaps in logic of a document I’m editing for instance. Aside from the fact that it is academically dishonest, I don’t think it’s fair to do work for a student, and it also places a great deal of responsibility on me. What if I were to do the work and then it earned an F? I appreciate your understanding with respect to this. My Editing Methodology: If you are seeking someone to edit your 30,000-word thesis in 2 hours for $40, please look elsewhere. A typical edit for me is as follows: 1) A paragraph-level read that usually proceeds at a rate of about 2,000 words/hour. Here I correct/modify grammar, spelling, and some formatting. 2) A higher level reading to not only catch anything I missed in my first reading but also to check the document for flow, clarity, and internal consistency. 3) A spelling and grammar check through MS Word. 4) A final look for orphan headings or anything else that could have gone wrong. Books Copyedited: I can and have edited many types of documents: policies and procedures, theses and dissertations (many for ESL students), Wikipedia articles, white papers, reports, papers targeted at academic journals. Books I’ve edited that are currently for sale on Amazon include the following: – Mike Barrett, SAT Math 2 Prep Black Book – Phil Champagne, The Book of Satoshi: The Collected Writings of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto – Mukesh Prasad, From Light to Eternity – Ronald J. Ryan, The U.S. Pension Crisis – Jon Warner, Business Optimization: A Simple and Effective Approach for Achieving Ongoing Business Success – D. K. Willardson, Quantitative Hitting: Surprising Discoveries of the Game’s Best Hitters – Anna Wozniak, The Demon That Occupied Wall Street: How Social Thinkers Deceived Human Mind