Document Preview: Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject DD Month YYY A Small Place Analysis Introduction A Small Place is a creative essay created by Jamaica Kincaid that depicts the life of Kincaid as he grew up in Antigua. The book-length article addresses various aspects of the society like Antiguan government the tourism sector and the colonial era instigated by the British colonial masters. This brief essay will specifically discuss issues of feminism from the book by drawing illustrations from a comment by Tim Kincaid. Tim proposed that “I think one of the terrible things that feminism never addressed is the moral situation. We are so interested in equality we want to do all the things that men do but so many of the things men do are repelling and should not be done at all.” How does this comment find subtle expression in a small place? This essay would first elaborate the eye on the lives of people who pushed themselves to the limits. The author presents a paradox on death through the pages of the book. Death is a useful phenomenon relative to people’s perception of the events that cause death. For instance death by a disease causes fear and death by a strong urge of willpower to push oneself through challenges and past limits may serve as an inspiration to masses of people. The book proposes that death is a mere chance considering that the author compares the fact that he survived the trip to Alaska unlike Chris who perished during his transitions. The author alludes to life comprising of different mechanisms other than intellect or ideas that ensure survival such as desire and willpower. This takes place when the author compares his journey with that of Chris. References Kincaid J. (2000). A small place. Krakauer J. (2011). Into the wild. […] Order Description: i need someone who has read the book into the wild and the book A Small place. i need someone to deliver in 12h. i really need a good grade. all of the pages you need to read is in the last attachment but i still need someone who read the book into the wild and the book A Small place Subject Area: English Language Document Type: Paraphrasing